Outdoor Decorating Tips: Christmas Lights


Decorating your front yard for the holidays need not be an extravagant affair. Ready-made yard decorations are available at your local mall, but a real one-of-a-kind display is a nice combination of store-bought decors and homemade ones.

Christmas lights are of course, the most readily-available decorations you can buy at stores. Simple strings of plain white lights is enough to do wonders to your home. Wrap them around a tree in the front of your house; depending on the size of the tree, you may need about ten strings of a hundred lights each. The idea here is to wrap each strand around individual branches to give the tree a starlit, frosted look.

Use net lights for low bushes and shrubbery, especially trimmed ones. Small evergreen shrubs are perfect for these lights, and they’re real easy to install and remove. Get these lights in green to emphasize your garden at night.

For outlining your windows, walkways, and railings, use rope lights. These are especially made for outdoor decorating and are great for those who don’t have hours to spend for stringing up lights. You can even use them indoors to keep you warm!

Make sure you inspect the wires on each string of lights before installing them; look out for any frayed or broken wires. Before buying a string of lights, have them tested to make sure that each bulb is working.

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