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Moranti: The New Tower at Two Serendra

alveo meranti

For the last couple of years, Two Serendra has been one of the most desirable addresses in the Metro. And why shouldn’t it be? This development is features highly thematic and upscale aesthetics, residents will soon have a venue where family and friends can converge to pursue their interests together. Amenities cater to each resident’s diverse passions, goals and ideals. The introduction of The Meranti—the newest tower to rise within Phase 3 of Two Serendra—perfectly complements the tenets of one of the most innovative and pioneering developments under Alveo Land’s portfolio.

alveo meranti tropical garden

Recently earning approximately 700 million during The Meranti’s priority selling, the project is Two Serendra’s newest high-rise development in the thriving retail, business and lifestyle epicenter.

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Ametta Place by Alveo Land: Where Boutique Meets Real Estate

at the Press Launch: Nerissa Josef, Vice President for Project Development of Alveo Land and Antonio N. Aquino, Ayala Land President and Dan Abando, President of Alveo Land

Alveo Land launched today the first and only townhouse development in Pasig City, a breather from the high-rise and mid-rise condominium projects that mostly surround the city where I live. With the launch of boutique residential living in the country, Alveo Land through Ametta Place introduces its maiden townhouse development.

The boutique concept is a buzzword that used to belong exclusively to the hospitality and fashion industry. Synonymous for personalized service, taste, and style, the boutique concept is now being applied to real estate, with Alveo Land’s Ametta Place pioneering boutique residential living in the Philippines. Located in Pasig, Ametta Place transcends the monotonous real estate offerings given by traditional real estate, and completely redefines upscale living in the city.

Ametta Place is going to be the first and only upscale townhouse development in an area of high-rise and mid-rise condominiums. Each unit features warm contemporary architecture and a streamlined generous layout to make the most out of the space you have and to enhance day-to-day living. Its location also means that suburban serenity is fused together with the convenience of living right in the middle of the city. Most families wouldn’t like living so close to an urban area but the privacy of the residents is one of the main priorities of Ametta Place.
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