For Rent or Sale: 2 bedroom unit at Two Serendra Belize with a balcony view of the inner garden

We are selling our family’s two bedroom unit at Two Serendra Belize at the Bonifacio Global City. Read on if you are interested.

two serendra belize gardens

Make Two Serendra your new sanctuary in the city and experience the convenience of working where you live and living where you play. The sprawling, 12-hectare development sits in the middle of Bonifacio Global City, surrounded by tall trees and lush flower gardens. Besides comfortable and safe living in your very own condominium unit , you and your family can enjoy the community’s amenities. There’s space to play for children at the library or the indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Fitness freaks can take advantage of the lap pool, fitness gym, basketball and badminton courts, and a resort-style lounge area. Finally, game rooms, and multimedia home entertainment systems can give you endless hours of leisure after a long day at work.

two serendra belize

Two Serendra’s sprawling lobby is designed to be a lush and relaxing tropical cocoon with furniture designer Kenneth Cobonque’s unique rattan creations. A combination of modern sensibilities and traditional Filipino aesthetics, the lobby reminds one of a hotel resort. In fact, you can almost expect to see clear blue waters and even bluer skies when you step out to the verandah. That’s the effect Two Serendra’s interiors would like to give you – the feeling of going home to a tropical paradise despite being located in the heart of the trendiest commercial center in the city.

You can also use the amenities of The Red Oak, The Aston Tower and Meranti , the high-rise towers of Two Serendra.

The 77 square meters condominium unit is located at Two Serendra Belize at the fifth level .

Site Map of Two Serendra. Check out Belize on the map

Site Map of Two Serendra. Check out Belize on the map


conjoined living and dining room (tiled flooring)
2 bedrooms (Masters bedroom with Rosewood flooring from Laos)
Kitchen with a breakfast nook (granite top)
Balcony facing the lush greenery and trees of the inner garden
2 toilet and bathroom (1 common and one in the masters bedroom)
1 utility room with washer and dryer
1 parking slot at Basement 2 near the elevator
Fully furnished


Contact Person: Noemi Dado (Representative of the Condominium unit owner)
Email : contact @
Phone Number: +632-2244396
Mobile phone: +63-9399207041
Viewing schedule: one day notice.
Direct buyers only

Take a look at the photos and video tour of our condominium unit.

Here is a panoramic view from the balcony where it faces the lush greenery of the inner garden:

Click to enlarge the panoramic photo.

Click to enlarge the panoramic photo.

Located at Serendra 2 Building B , the balcony has a view of the inner garden

Located at Two Serendra Belize , the balcony has a view of the lush greenery.

Balcony view of the inner garden

Balcony view of the inner garden

View from the door. To the right is the kitchen and the view of the living room and the dining room. Balcony is across the entrance door.

View from the door. To the right is the kitchen and the view of the living room and the dining room. Balcony is across the entrance door.



A breakfast nook near the entrance door

A breakfast nook near the entrance door

Dining room which faces the balcony

Dining room which faces the balcony

Corridor leading to the  two bedrooms

Corridor leading to the two bedrooms

Small bedroom with a garden view

Small bedroom with a garden view

Common bathroom across the small bedroom

Common bathroom across the small bedroom

Masters bedroom with a view

Masters bedroom with a view

View from the masters' bedoom

View from the masters’ bedoom

Cabinets across the masters' room

Cabinets across the masters’ room. On the right side of the cabinets is the bathroom

Masters' bathroom

Masters’ bathroom

Utility room with washer/dryer

Utility room with washer/dryer

More photos can be found in this gallery:

Infographics: Real Estate in Real Time

“In any market, in any country, there are developers who make money. So I say all of this doom and gloom, but there will always be people who make money, because people always want homes.” – Sarah Beeny

There are many ways to promote your real estate. Market demand will always be there but it is always a good idea to know your market. Are they on social media? Do they prefer email delivery? If you are aware of your market, it is easy to know which tools to use. This infographic shows the essentials of email marketing, the advantage of virtual tours, promotion through videos and going social. It would be great if we use all of these tools in order to sell our real estate.

The content has to be compelling enough for buyers to be excited about. You should be able to connect with your customers through social media because most of them are using social networks.

What tools do you use?

Via: iContact

Investing 101 – How The Economic Machine Works, by Ray Dalio

I’ve been thinking about the types of gifts I would send prospective investors — especially when they are considering investments in the Philippines through Ayala Land real estate. Not everyone is an Economics wizard. Thus, the gift of knowledge or education is appropriate.

This is a welcome refresher course for anyone who is interested in economic empowerment. After all, money is energy. Money is a “thought form” that drives people to war or peace (hopefully, peace!).

“Spending drives the economy,” Ray explains. It’s that simple.

(Thank you to Jay Jaboneta for sharing this video on Facebook.) The 2013 Filipino’s Home Buying Guide

This newest real estate resource came via email. Silvestre M. Silvestre, CPA, Country Manager of iMoney Philippines emailed me a few weeks ago to introduce iMoney’s infographic.

If you have any questions regarding these infographics, contact Sil directly at [email protected]. I don’t know Sil personally but let me know if the information below helps you out in your decision-making process.

Check out: The ABCs of Home Loans [Infographic] - ABCs of Home Loans
A Filipino’s Home Buying Guide to Fees & Charges [Infographic]

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Amaia Scapes by Ayala Land: Where Your Dream House is Truly Affordable

PREAMBLE: If you are interested in knowing more about Amaia Land properties, please email me at lornadietzpr at gmail dot com.

Here I was, engaged in the marketing activities of the first-ever roadshow of Amaia Land by Ayala Land, Inc. in the United States. For two weeks in August 2013, I was either present at an event or working behind the scenes, helping out with the preparations and implementation of this marketing effort at AyalaLand International Marketing, Inc. (ALIM), the permanent office of Ayala Land, Inc. based at Seasons Marketplace at Landess in Milpitas, California.

Loren Sales, Sales General Manager of Amaia Land, together with Loreene S. Natividad, Associate Manager of Sales Operations more than capably handled the inquiries from interested investors and home buyers of prime international real estate in the Philippines. The questions came in fast and furious. What resonated best with the events’ attendees was Loren’s and Loreene’s mantra, “May dating!” (Loosely translated to “Truly authentic, innovative, and unique!”)

What perked my attention was the immense value for the price. I understood why Amaia Land is the most affordable real estate investment opportunity compared to her sisters, Ayala Land Premier, Alveo Land, and Avida Land. Its business model allowed the buyer to start with the minimun — then continue customizing his or her dream home (comfortably!) maybe to the tune of about US$2,000 in today’s pricing.

When I saw a photo of the interior of a “ready to move in” Amaia Scapes bungalow pod, I visualized the person who would be living there as someone who enjoyed the minimalist lifestyle, complete with multi-functional furniture. I could see a charming, intimate garden that was thoughtfully planted with some choice herbs (for my cooking) and delicate, fragrant blossoms that a gardener would be able to maintain when the occupant was traveling for work or pleasure. I had my hopes set on an expansion to a second floor when I had saved enough money.

What attracted me to Amaia Scapes, the house and lot offerings of Amaia Land, was that home didn’t mean “living inside a box.” The spaciousness of community living continued with outdoor space to enjoy the warmth of the sun or the gentle breeze in the late afternoon. I also liked the built-in presence of a gated community with 24/7 security.

Best of all, although I could visualize this piece of “home” as affordable rental property for one of Manila’s call center professionals, I could picture myself living here. When that day comes, I know I wouldn’t want to trek up and down some stairs (I’ll be older, that’s why.)

When the question was asked, “How large is it?” — I decided to showcase the size of a BUNGALOW POD because, with much will power, I can afford to pay under $200 a month (amortization) for 15 years.

Amaia Land - A Bungalow Pod at North Point (Illustration)

Amaia Land – A Bungalow Pod at North Point (Illustration)

“It’s SMALL!” someone remarked, obviously used to the HUGE homes in the USA.

I said to myself, “SMALL is good! Not much to clean. Saves on energy, too! I can make this work!”

I started my research by asking Bong Gutierrez, ALIM’s Country Manager, if he could showcase some interior designs for the bungalow pod that evoked more of a sleek, slightly industrial “feel” — instead of the tired-looking Provincial French furniture many Filipino homeowners seemed to prefer. Bong, who is a CAD specialist (computer-aided design), replied, “Absolutely!”

Bong, during our training session in Las Vegas, decided to wow us with the new dynamics of “small space living.” We were completely captivated!

He also reminded us that “If you will not be living there 24/7/365, then use enough space for your needs. You can always allocate the rest of your money for your retirement needs.” What this meant to me was that “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL!”

This week, I was so energized by my Amaia Land roadshow experience that I decided to create my own content curation to help out investors. Yes, I am getting more and more inspired! Check out my curation after this blog posting!

If you’re like me — and you want to explore the world of Philippine real estate investment opportunities through Ayala Land, Inc. — then hit me up for more information. You can email me at LornaDietzPR at gmail dot com. Yes, I’ll make sure someone takes very good care of you!

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Good location: Avida Towers Riala in Cebu IT Park

avida riala

I just came back from my hometown in Cebu. My sister and I checked out the new development of Avida Towers Riala that is located within Cebu Park District. The IT park used to be the old Lahug Airport that my dad used to bring us to when we were kids. Today there is a lot of development there in the spheres of business, banking, finance, I.T. and tourism services, among others, as well as residential and commercial developments to complete the live-work-play dynamics within the community.

avida Riala
Click to enlarge

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