Apartment Essentials

Getting your first apartment is an exciting experience. There’s so much empty space for you to personalize according to your tastes, but it’s also easy for you to get carried away and spend on unnecessary (but gratifying) things. Here are some essential items you will need to turn your apartment into a comfortable home. It’s a good idea to purchase some of them before you move in.

Mattress or bed

While you still have no furniture in your apartment, your bed will serve as the place where you eat, sleep, or read. Make sure you measure your bedroom before buying the bed frame or mattress.

Trash cans

You’re going to be cleaning up the apartment, and naturally you’ll need a place to keep all the dust and debris. Have at least three trash cans – one for the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathr

Shower curtains

Besides being functional, shower curtains can add a lot of life and style into your bathroom.


Chances are your apartment won’t come with curtains or blinds, so you might want to get some as soon as you can for your privacy. While blinds are more functional, I prefer curtains as they definitely bring more life to the room. The fabric also helps weather the sounds and temperature outside.

Chest of drawers

You can’t keep your clothes in the box forever. If you have the space for it, a chest of drawers is a great place to store your clothes. A very affordable alternative to this are those stackable plastic drawers that you can get at office or furniture stores.

Dishes and utensils

It’s always cheaper to make your own food than to get takeout everyday. Get some plates, spoons, forks, knives, and glasses you can use permanently.

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  1. Nicolle Zeck

    Thanks for this post one of the best ways to clean window blinds that I have discovered is to put them in the bathtub! I put warm/hot water and detergent such as mr clean. Use a cloth or soft brush wash them down then hang them outside in the sun to dry. If you have a deck by means of railing, drape them over, or specifically lay them down beyond.

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