Attracting A Sale: Make Your House Look More Presentable


Making a few minor changes to your house’s look and color scheme will make it easier for you to attract buyers. Before you embark on doing any changes however, find out the maximum amount your house is worth. Make sure you don’t spend too much on making renovations if it won’t add much to your house’s sale price.

If you want to repaint your walls, choose plain, pale shades as these will maximize the light and give the room a more airy feel. Research shows that buyers usually prefer earth tones to loud colors. To keep the room from looking bland, add a strong color to accent the room or use bold accessories like curtains or pillow cases.

Remove personal items like family photos as these could distract potential buyers. The buyer is interested in looking at the property, not your personal belongings, so be sure to keep them away when you’ve got someone inspecting your place. De-cluttering your house will also help the buyer imagine his or her own furniture and belongings in each room.

If you have a garden, add some color to it by placing potted plants or flowers. If you don’t have time to grow any, you can always buy grown ones.

Do not cook food with strong odors like fish. The smell of fresh coffee though is warm and inviting and will make the buyer feel at home. Try to make the potential buyer feel comfortable by offering him or her a drink and asking them if there’s anything they’d like to know about the property or amenities.

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