Ayala Land’s Nuvali Evoliving

nuvaliAyala Land formally launched their biggest real estate endeavor. Nuvali is located in the old sugar estates of the Yulo family in Canlubang. NUVALI is Ayala Land’s largest, master-planned regional hub in the Philippines. “It terms of size, it’s about 8 times the size of the Makati Central Business District, and is roughly an hour away from Makati. The development is well connected but is also the gateway to Region 4 — so we feel that its size and its location will really make NUVALI a metropolis that has strong regional connections,” shares Jim Ayala, President of Ayala Land.This new endeavor in land development will triumph evoliving, or the integration of nature and man in a harmonious living environment, and provide the much needed relief for the highly congested Metropolitan Manila with its 15 million inhabitants.

All three brands of Ayala land will be building at Nuvali: Ayala Land Premier for high-end residences (through the Abrio), Community Innovations for upper middle-class homes (through the Treveia), and Avida for middle-class housing (through Avida Settings).

The Abrio will be priced at around 10 thousand pesos to 11 thousand pesos per square meters. The area to be opened for Abrio is 70 hectares, comprising 379 lots in total.

The Treveia will be alloted 60 hectares which is envisioned for future residents to be in touch with urban living. With the development are 4 nature themed parks and a main clubhouse.

The Avida Settings will devote 2 hectares to Open Spaces. Avida Setting’s green ribbons and courtyards give family members the opportunity to bolster relationships through a novel design for homes that incorporates nature in residential living. The house design is modern contemporary with a timeless appeal.

Nuvali represents a new way of life for the global Pinoy. Live in the future now. If you’re interested to invest in Nuvali, visit my Nuvali Evoliving blog for more information or use the contact form below so I can send you more details.

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