Bedroom Storage Solutions

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary; it must be a place filled with positive energy that will rejuvenate and reflect the kind of life you want for yourself. Create a peaceful atmosphere in your room by going through your things, sorting out what you need and what you can throw away, and organizing the ones you decided to keep.

If your bedroom is filled with clutter, get everything sorted out by separating your objects into different piles. The first pile should be made up of clothes and shoes. Empty your entire closet and shoe cabinet and decide which items you love wearing and which you can do without. Then grab your beddings and make another pile for them; throw out old or torn linens. Make another pile for jewelry and remove pieces that are broken or that you don’t wear. Cosmetics, perfumes, and lotions go into another pile; throw out items that are almost empty or that have been around for over a year. Finally, look under the bed for general clutter and throw out objects you have no use for.

Now that you’ve sorted through your belongings, it’s time for you to increase your closet’s efficiency by getting rattan boxes in different sizes. They can fit well in corners and can accommodate linens, clothes not often worn, and other items. You can also add canvas hangings for skirts and sweaters or fit in a tiered rack for shoes if you don’t have a shoe cabinet. If your closet already has shelves, place clear plastic boxes of different sizes so you can see at a glance what is stored inside. Keep all socks, underwear, and stockings inside drawers; plastic boxes can also be placed inside narrow drawers to hold your socks and underwear. If you don’t have space in your cabinet for linens, comforters, and other bulky items, place them inside wicker boxes and use the box to decorate the foot of your bed.

If you have a lot of jewelry and fashion accessories, invest in a jewelry tree – this serves the double purpose of organizing your accessories and being a decorative item on your dresser. Place all your cosmetics in clear plastic boxes with compartments so tubes and brushes can stand upright. Alternately, you can also use tiered or partitioned boxes to store pendants and earrings.

Finally, install hooks behind your door or inside your closet’s door where you can neatly hang bags, belts, bathrobes, and other items you use regularly.

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