Build to Own Your Home

Build To Own is a new concept that will make buying or investing in properties easier for hopeful homeowners. Through this system, the prospective buyer engages the services of construction professionals who will build the house at direct cost. This means that the non-project related costs usually added by developers and middlemen are not included.

The idea of Build To Own came from local firm G&W Architects, Engineers, and Product Development Consultants, a firm that considers itself an architect-led instead of developer-led company. The buyer can save as much as 40% by hiring construction professionals directly – the exact same people developers hire to build and design their projects. Besides savings, the buyer also receives homeowner protection from the Build To Own System. Instead of making payments directly to the developer, unit owners make payments to a depository and disbursement bank, which ensures that the money will only be used for the project. Besides saving on costs, end-users and investors of Build To Own projects will receive a high quality condominium development, adding up to better property values for your investment.

At the moment, G&W is investing in its new building, the Blue Sapphire, a 27-floor residential condominium development at Fort Bonifacio. For more information on the BTO system, visit the G&W website.

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