Buying a Home: House and Lot in a Planned Subdivision

single detached homeAs I mentioned in the buying of our second home, my daughters still preferred the single detached house. In fact, most Filipinos prefer their houses rooted to the land. It’s harder and harder to find the perfect single detached home within the city center. Most real estate developers in the Philippines choose to develop in the fringes of the city such as Antipolo, Sta. Rosa, Canlubang which is known for fresh countryside air and in some instances, a fantastic view. The great thing about these homes is the peaceful, clean environment. The problem is it is quite far too and travel time can be a challenge. However, it’s ideal for children has they kids can play and romp outdoors. Most of the home dwellers agree that they soon adjust to the wonders of their location: the cool and relaxing air, lush greenery and laid-back ambiance.

Here is a tip-sheet for House and Lot in a Planned Subdivision

The Rationale: Lower prices of land outside the city make it possible for developers to build subdivisions with a lot for each house. The trend now is to build more recreational amenities such that the development feels like a resort or a country club.

Ideal for: Growing families, retired senior citizens.

Possible Lifestyle: Be prepared to rack up gas or commuting expenses. But you are assured of a laid-back restful environment away from the pollution of the city, with recreational amenities like parks, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools.

Design Flexibility: If you crave visual order, then themed residential developments will suit you. You can expand your house sideways or up, but any additions need to adhere to the style and color requirements set by the management. Some don’t allow high fences. If you want an avant-garde house, get a lot in a subdivision with no rules on house design.

Best Deals: Developments with lots of green, recreational facilities, and efficiently planned homes with provision for expansion; one with good roads leading to it.

Price Range: Check out Avida Settings Nuvali for house and lot packages (lot sizes 120 sqm and up) located in Ayala Land’s Nuvali at Sta. Rosa, Laguna with price range from 2.0 million pesos to 3.5 million pesos. You can also get Trevia Nuvali which is a bit more expensive than Avida Settings.

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Source: Real Living June 2005

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