Buying a Home: The High-Rise Condominium

With high real estate prices on land, a condominium is the most practical way to maximize the cost. The high-rise condo is in the middle of everything.


Here is a tip sheet for in buying a high-rise condo

The Rationale: A condominium is the most practical way to maximize the high price of land in commercial districts such as Ortigas and Makati as well as accomdate the large number of people who want to live here.

Ideal for:

    1. Young professionals
    2. Executives
    3. Transient Visitors

Possible Lifestyle

A fun, hip and energetic happening life in the city, with easy access to the shopping malls and fancy restaurants. Cars won’t be a necessity. One shouldn’t expect a lot of interaction with the neighbors.

Design Flexibility
Condo units are quite compact and confining that you might need customized furniture to maximize limited space. Any major renovation is subject to the approval of the condominium management. Having a pocket garden is possible if you utilize the balcony.

Best Deals
The condo is a walk away from your workplace or in a mixed-use commercial area with a lively street life. If there is a park nearby, then that would be ideal for kids. If these are not possible, get a unit with a scenic and lovely view.

Price Range

  • A studio unit sells between 1.8 to 3.5 million pesos
  • A one-bedroom unit sells between 3.5 million pesos to 5 million pesos.
  • A two-bedroom unit sells between 5 million to 9 million pesos

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Source: Real Living, June 2005

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