Buying a Home with Good Resale Value

It may be strange to consider your home’s resale value when you’re thinking about buying it, not selling it.  However, it’s not likely that you’ll be living in the same house for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to factor in its resale value before buying the property.  Homes with good resale value usually have the following features. 

Good location. Homes that are near public transportation areas and have services like supermarkets and schools in the area definitely have high resale value.  It’s good to find out why this area is in demand and to observe if the properties are shifting to commercial establishments. 

Updated features. Homes with outdated features like one bathroom instead of two will take longer to sell than homes with updated features.  Alternately, you can also choose to renovate the house before you decide to resell it.

Natural lighting. Homes with lots of natural lighting make more tranquil and relaxing environments to live in, and also save on electricity costs. 

A view. If the house is located in a scenic area, a room with a view is definitely a plus.

Storage space. Homebuyers wants a lot of closets and additional storage spaces like bodegas.

Although your first objective is still to find a home that’s right for your needs, do consider its resale value before making your final decision, especially if you know you’ll only be staying there for a few years.  Choosing your home carefully now will give you a little more money the next time you need to move out.

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