Buying Your First Condo: What to Look Out for

Is this your first time buying a condo? Unlike a pair of heels or a stylish dress, buying property should never be done on impulse – especially if it’s your first. Of course, the first thing you should consider is the cost of the unit and the payment schemes; the affordable monthly fee is what made me decide to get a one-bedroom unit at Gateway Regency. But other than cost, there are a number of other details to look out for. Here’s what made me decide to choose mine:

  • Location. I don’t intend to buy or own a car, which is why accessibility to public transport is high on my list. Gateway Regency within walking distance of an MRT station, not to mention that there are many cabs that pass by the area. The development is also located on a fairly hilly neighborhood, which means that I won’t have to worry about getting trapped should another typhoon like Ondoy hit the Philippines. One other factor that made me decide to invest in Gateway Regency is that it’s in a fairly busy neighborhood – there are office buildings and a mall nearby, plus Ortigas is only at the next stop. Finally, the area is fairly secure and the reputation of the neighborhood is good.
  • Basic amenities. I’m not very fussy about the amenities, but a condo should have some basic safety features. Gateway regency has 24-hour security at the lobby and throughout the building, an intercom system, a swimming pool, even a barbecue grill. Since there’s a mall and some commercial centers nearby, I shouldn’t have trouble doing the groceries, the laundry, or getting water either.
  • Exclusivity. I’m not fussy about exclusivity either, but sometimes fewer homeowners in a condo building is a good thing. For instance, it will be more peaceful and quiet during the weekends, not to mention that there will be less elevator traffic with fewer homeowners.
  • The developer’s reputation. Gateway Regency is being developed by Robinson’s Land, which has always delivered quality projects. One of my cousins lives in a Robinson’s condo in Manila and I was impressed by the quality of the finishings and the size of the lobby. Of course, not all condos are created equal, even if they’re by the same developer, so choose carefully and make sure your agent can answer all questions you have about the unit and its turnover.
  • For more information, availability, and sample calculations on units at Gateway Regency, contact Robinsons Land Corp Sales Manager Gigette Sia at 0922-8421096. Please mention Lauren Dado as your referral.

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