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Stay Safe During the Holidays: Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

It isn’t even December yet but already, stores, malls, and houses are showing the holiday spirit and decking out their walls and windows with Christmas lights and decors. Christmas decorations are a beautiful sight but without taking the right safety measures, they can also cause fires and other accidents. Here are some ways you can stay safe during the holidays.

The Christmas tree

If you’re buying a new artificial tree this year, check the box or ask the salesman if the tree is “fire resistant.” This doesn’t mean that the tree won’t catch fire if a fire breaks out; it simply means that it will be more resistant to burning and won’t enlarge the blaze immediately.

When placing the tree inside your home, make sure you keep it in a corner away from the door and other areas where people in the household might accidentally walk into it. Do not place Christmas candles or any other sources of fire near the tree (or any other decorations for that matter).

Christmas Lights

If you are reusing last year’s Christmas lights, inspect the wires and make sure that none of it has been damaged by rats. Check the lights for any broken or cracked sockets, loose connections, or bare wires. Replace any damaged bulbs immediately. Never pull on the Christmas lights as this will add stress to the cords and cause it to fray or break.

When using extension cords, tape them to the wall so that nobody accidentally trips on the wires. Make sure you do not plug too many lights or other electrical appliances onto the cord if you intend to use them for a long time; extension cords can burn if they are overused.

Finally, make it a habit to see that the Christmas lights are switched off before heading to bed.

Christmas candles and other decorations

Candles add warmth and holiday cheer to a room, but they can also be a source of accidents as well. As mentioned earlier, do not place lit candles near the Christmas tree or any other decor where the candle’s flames might reach it. Place all candles out of reach of children and pets, and use non-flammable holders. If you are going to light any Christmas candles, make sure you are within eyesight at all times.

If you have toddlers and other small children at home, do not use Christmas decorations that resemble candy because they will be tempted to see what they taste like! Do not use decorations with small removable parts either; children have a habit of putting things into their mouths and they could easily choke on small parts.

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Christmas Dinner Table Settings

It’s not just what you serve for your Noche Buena that counts. It’s how you present the meal that sets the festive mood! You can set a beautiful Christmas table and dine in style with a little effort and preparation.

Shades of red, green, and gold are the classic colors for the season and will look great on your dinner table. Start with a solid-color tablecloth, preferably white, and use china with holiday motifs like poinsettias, holly berries, or snowflakes. Should you choose another color for the tablecloth, make sure your dishes and napkins complement this color.

A centerpiece might make your table look pretty but it will also take up a lot of space which could be used for placing more dishes. Consider putting a few tall, slim candles or a small Christmas tree in place of a bulky centerpiece.

Arranging the food properly will make it easier for you and your guests to enjoy them. Keep the one-serving dishes in the middle of the table, and have things like bread and butter surround it. The ham or lechon should be close to the person carving so he or she can reach it comfortably from his or her seat. Alternately, you can also place the lechon on a separate table to leave more room for other dishes.

Follow these guidelines to start off decorating your Christmas dinner table but remember that there are still so many things you can do to make it pretty. Experiment with low flower arrangements, chair decorations, or other color combinations.

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Last Minute Christmas Decorating Tips


Christmas is less than a week away and with so many things to do on top of work – shopping, partying, wrapping presents – it’s hard to get everything done in time for Christmas dinner. Don’t worry if you haven’t done your Christmas decorating yet. You’d be surprised at how festive you can make your home look using Christmas decorations you already have – if you know where to put them.

Use Christmas greeting cards as decorations. You probably have a collection of cards from friends and family throughout the years. Why not put them to good use and place the prettiest on your fireplace mantle or on the side table of your living room? Another idea is to make use of Christmas-themed photos you receive from loved ones. You could remove the pictures from your frame and replace them with holiday pictures of family and friends.

For an easy dining table arrangement, use your everyday dishes and a white tablecloth. Decorate the table by placing an ornament on top of every dish in different colors. Finish off with a centerpiece or with a clear glass bowl filled with ball ornaments.

Lastly, you can also use your Christmas presents as decorations on their own. Tie huge colorful ribbons on them and place them at strategic places like the front door. You can also place a huge stack of presents on empty corners to make the neglected nooks and crannies of your home look more festive.

You don’t need to buy a whole new set of decorations to make your house look festive for the holidays. Simply making use of what you already have will allow you to welcome your guests and family in style.

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Vintage Christmas Decorations


Here’s a new old twist you can try out for Christmas this year. Some Christmas decoration pieces are usually handed down from generation to generation and December is the only time you can bring these heirlooms to light. Why not go for an all-vintage theme this year? Vintage Christmas decorations shouldn’t be too difficult to find and they’re relatively inexpensive too.

If you don’t have a stash of old Christmas decorations hidden in the attic, you can probably find vintage decors at garage sales, flea markets, and antique shops in your area. No time to go out? There’s always the vintage shopper’s favorite online store, eBay, with their almost unlimited collection of antique angels, vintage orbs, and centerpieces.

As with any theme, begin decorating at the focal point of your holiday decors: the Christmas tree. Vintage-style Christmas trees are usually trimmed with bright and colorful glass balls and ornaments. But don’t just limited yourself to glass balls; any old doodad will certainly add charm to your tree. Tree ornaments made of hard plastic are rare collectibles, so watch out for them when you go vintage decor hunting!

Embellish your dining table with antique candle holders, Christmas villages, and vintage Christmas cards. A crocheted, cream-colored table cloth and holiday China with snowflake-shaped napkin rings will also give your dining room that charming old-fashioned feel. For your finishing touch, add novelty pieces like Santa Claus salt-and-pepper shakers.

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Decorating the Guest Room for Holiday Visitors


Christmas is only a week away and if you’re expecting company for the holidays, now’s a good time to start sprucing up your guest room. It doesn’t take too much time and effort to make your guest room look festive and inviting, and the decor will make your guests feel right at home.

Cover the bed with a Christmas-themed bedspread. You don’t have to buy an expensive comforter set because you’ll only use it for a few weeks every year and it’ll take up a lot of closet space. Instead, get red and green polar fleece that’s big enough to cover the bed. Polar fleece is maks a warm and cozy blanket, but the best part about it is that you don’t have to hem the edges to protect the material from getting frayed. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other kinds of fabric.

For quick and easy decorations, hang a colorful wreath or a large stocking on the door of the guest room. A pot of poinsettia will also lend a seasonal touch to the guest room. Tie a green, red, or gold ribbon around the pot or put small Christmas balls on the soil.

If your guest room has its own bathroom, provide your guests with red and green towels and hand cloths to give the bathroom an instant holiday feel. Another thing you can do is to place small, clear bottles of red or green soap and shampoo on the counter or the sink. You could also put a Christmas-themed toilet cover and bathroom mat. This looks especially great on white bathrooms because the colors stand out.

Finally, hanging small bags of holiday scented potpurri adds a wonderful finishing touch to your guest room’s Christmas atmosphere. It’s a subtle finishing touch that will keep your guests’ holiday spirit alive and make them feel at home with you this Christmas.

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