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Advantages of In-House Financing

In-house financing is a loan directly from the developer or the subdivision. Most home buyers in the Philippines choose in-house financing over bank loans because processing the former is easier and faster than the latter.

For one thing, no background checks of the applicant are made and the developers who offer the in-house financing program do not usually require the applicant to submit proof of income. The approval of the loan is made once the buyer is able to pay the reservation, submit the required documents, and fill out the forms. The interest rates of in-house financing for the duration of the loan is also fixed, meaning that the amount the buyer has to play is not affected by any political or economic developments, which makes bank interest rates rise up or fall down.

Bank loans have lower interest rates and greater flexibility (9% per year for a 1-3 year loan, 12% for a 15 year loan), but many buyers get turned off by the stringent requirements and the length of time it takes for the loan to get approved. One of the requirements for a bank loan is a proof of income – a reason why freelancers or workers in the informal sector need to formalize their businesses before they can get a loan. Some applicants who earn by commission also do not qualify for a loan because they don’t have a fixed salary. While there are banks who are more flexible about these nuances and only need proof of consistent income, these are few and far in between.

Ethan Allen:Best Furniture Designs for Small Spaces

If your new home in Serendra or Celadon Manila looks a little bare and you’re not entirely sure how put together a well-designed home while maximizing the space you have, look into Ethan Allen’s Lifestyle Designs. They just released seven distinct decorating styles called Projections of Distinct Styles (PODS )which caters to all sorts of tastes, be it classic or contemporary. Two of these PODS, however, are most ideal for condominiums owners who want to live in a classy, cosmopolitan atmosphere while making the most out of what limited space there is.


The Metro Pod is perfect for people with a preference for simplicity and natural elements. Finished woods, exposed brick, timbers, and metals give the place a warm, earthy feel and allow you to live a modern minimalist lifestyle. With this clutter-free design, you don’t have to worry about bumping into furniture when you invite your friends over.

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Kitchen Designs by SieMatic BeauxArts

SieMatic BeauxArts brings to the Philippines a completely novel concept in kitchen interior design that’s never been done before. Featuring elegant and stylistic designs in contemporary sophistication, BeauxArts Kitchens has intriguing combinations of materials, finishes, colors, and engineering.

What makes BeauxArts kitchen such a hit is that they don’t just give you pre-fabricated kitchen designs. Instead, they allow each person to discover a new freedom of design. Planning the kitchen is done in segments, where countertops and fronts made out of different materials and dimensions can be used. You can combine rustic stovetops and antiques with stainless steel fronts, if that’s how you want your kitchen to look like. BeauxArts makes sure that they accommodate the desires and tastes of all their customers.

Their designs also include elegant color selections of beige, green, white, grey, and two new wood finishes. Although you can technically use any color scheme, warm earth tones and natural hues give their kitchens a more homey look.

The lighting system of BeauxArts Kitchens are more than functional; they’re unobtrusive and indirect. Light is evenly distributed all over the work areas, making the kitchen appear larger and symmetrical while providing the proper illumination for cooking.

To view their state-of-the-art kitchen designs, visit the SieMatic Showroom along Pioneer St. Corner Reliance St., Mandaluyong City. The showroom is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sundays. For more information, you can call them at 634-8587 or visit their website at

Perks to Renovating Your Kitchen


Remodeling your kitchen will not only make cooking and dining at home a more pleasant experience; it can also add value to your home. The renovations you will make depends entirely on the state of your kitchen now, but here are a few aspects that you can focus on.
The color of your kitchen enhances its overall atmosphere and worth. Most modern kitchens come in neutral colors like cream, soft gray, and earth tones, with wood cabinets in medium and light finishes. “Islands” are still popular in kitchens today; for a more visually striking effect, make material for the island and the countertop different from the rest of the kitchen.

If you’ve got a large family or if you host parties and entertain guests often, then having two of everything is an excellent upgrade. If you don’t think getting two ovens is necessary, consider changing your appliances. Manufacturers of more affordable appliances are now following suit with the upscale appliances. Today, you can now buy a stove with six burners and two ovens instead of just four burners and one oven without spending too much.

Built-in features like a chopping-block, microwave, and a marble slab for pastry-making can make preparing your meals more convenient. Also consider investing in lights under your cabinet for a brighter, shadow-free work area.

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Remodelling vs. buying a new house



It might seem as though there are a lot of advantages to staying put and renovating your home, especially if the real estate value of the houses in your area are rising. It’s also true that if you move less in your lifetime, the more money you’ll be able to save up. But when you start feeling like your house is becoming a little too small for your growing family, you start to wonder if it’s time to upgrade either by moving out or adding more rooms to your home.

Don’t think that moving out or remodeling are your only options, though. Consider the following alternatives before making any major financial decisions about your home.

Declutter your home and make the most out of the space you have. Once people remove all the stuff they don’t need, they often discover that they have far more space than they thought they did.

Refurbish instead of renovate. You can update your kitchen by resurfacing countertops, replacing worn floors, or refacing your cabinet. Doing this will cost a lot less than taking everything down and rebuilding your kitchen anew.

Reuse your rooms. If you want a home office and have a guest room you barely use, consider reusing the space that you do have.

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Tips on Moving to a New House: Get Rid of Clutter



Not only will you save yourself a lot of trouble if you leave what you don’t need; it will make your old house more appealing to potential buyers. Chances are, you probably have a lot of stuff you THINK you can’t bear to part with, but you’d be very surprised at the amount of things that you can do without in your new home.

To complete this task, all you need are a lot of garbage bags or plastic bags. De-clutter your home one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to get rid of. When looking at an item, ask yourself if it’s worth moving and the time and effort you’ll spend packing it up. Usually, items that end up getting thrown away are figurines and souvenirs that gather dust on the shelves. Only keep the things you really love and use regularly. The same goes for clothes as well.

So that your old things don’t go to waste, organize a garage sale before you move out or donate them to charity.

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