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Feng-Shui Your New Home

It is believed that with the proper orientation of one’s house or business premises, one is able to harmonize with nature and relate to the physical surrounding favorably to attract desirable cosmological influences. That is what I learned as a licensed real estate broker in the nineties. As part of the tools of trade, I underwent a basic orientation of [tag]Feng-Shui[/tag] under a Japanese Geomancer. A few Filipinos believe in the art of [tag]geomancy[/tag] and it helps if I had a little knowledge on the matter. I’ve forgotten all about Feng-shui since I stopped my real estate career (I will talk about this in another entry). Besides, I’m not Chinese and feng-shui shouldn’t rule my life or dictate my dream home.

When we were house-hunting, I prayed that God would lead our family to the home we desired. For every failed attempt, I believed that the property was not meant to be. I didn’t want to be ruled by Feng-Shui. What truly amazed me with the property is that the owner followed the Feng-shui layout principles. The most surprising fact of all was that the house direction is West which is my ideal or favorable orientation.

Let me explain by this “Cohesive” diagram . I am a “Cock” based on the Chinese Calendar, being born 1957. Looking at the diagram, my favorable orientation is West followed by NNE or SSE (Follow the corners of the triangle to find the orientation).

Enlarge Cohesive Image

I told my husband that the added bonus seems to be that based on Feng-Shui principles, our new home will bring us harmony. I now recall that our first home also had the “West” Orientation. We were happy in our old home. Coincidence?

So what is an unfavorable direction for me?

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Real Estate Loans In the Philippines

housing loanBuying our new home was a little off our budget . I wasn’t too confident in getting another [tag]housing loan[/tag] as we had an existing housing loan for 6 years now. I have no idea how the banking sector works or how credit scores are attained. All I know is we have an excellent credit history as we never missed payments. Maybe , I thought, we might get a second housing loan. Who knows?

With low interest rates of 9 to 10 % per annum, a number of banks offer very competitive [tag]real estate loan[/tag] packages.

I started shopping for real estate loan packages three months ago.

1. BPI Family Savings Bank Build Your Dream Housing Loan View their website

Our first housing loan came from BPI Family Savings Bank . They are the leader in the housing loan. Back in 2000, we bought our second home and at that time our interest rates was the market rate. In the succeeding years, BPI Family bank placed a higher interest rate on our loan while giving premium rates to their preferred customers. They also had very high insurance premiums added to our loan. So unfair.

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