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Investing 101 – How The Economic Machine Works, by Ray Dalio

I’ve been thinking about the types of gifts I would send prospective investors — especially when they are considering investments in the Philippines through Ayala Land real estate. Not everyone is an Economics wizard. Thus, the gift of knowledge or education is appropriate.

This is a welcome refresher course for anyone who is interested in economic empowerment. After all, money is energy. Money is a “thought form” that drives people to war or peace (hopefully, peace!).

“Spending drives the economy,” Ray explains. It’s that simple.

(Thank you to Jay Jaboneta for sharing this video on Facebook.) The 2013 Filipino’s Home Buying Guide

This newest real estate resource came via email. Silvestre M. Silvestre, CPA, Country Manager of iMoney Philippines emailed me a few weeks ago to introduce iMoney’s infographic.

If you have any questions regarding these infographics, contact Sil directly at [email protected]. I don’t know Sil personally but let me know if the information below helps you out in your decision-making process.

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Acts of God Clause in Home Insurance: Is My Home Covered?

acts of god

Typhoon Ondoy taught us that even residential areas in Metro Manila that we thought were flood-proof can get devastated by floodwaters given a large amount of rain. For this reason, you need to make sure that your home insurance policy covers “Acts of God” or “Acts of Nature”, which means that they are liable for natural phenomena like floods, lightning strikes, earthquakes, and other freak natural occurrences that can’t be prevented. In the event that your home gets damaged by a flood or similar nature, you can get your insurance provider to compensate for the repairs.

During disaster-free years, you might get the impression that paying for home insurance and the additional costs of the Acts of God clause are a waste of money. After all, the very nature of the Acts of God clause is that these natural disasters are unpredictable and unexpected. You may not think of your street as flood-prone, but you never know. It’s best to stay protected and stay covered because you may regret being under-insured in the future.

So the next time you speak with your insurance provider, make sure it is clear what situations are considered to be an “Act of God.” Ask them to be very clear about what specific natural disasters are covered by your insurer so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that all will not be lost during freak occurrences.

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Serendra: Suburban Living in the City



Condo living with the space you can only get in detached homes or bungalows is now possible with Ayala Land’s unique condominium development. Serendra has the perfect balance between nature, modern urban living, safety and convenience.  The medium-rise condominiums have modern Mediterranean-inspired architecture, making you feel as though you’re living in a resort island even though the condo is located in the heart of the city, amidst a bustling commercial center.  Amenities include a fitness center/gym, an exclusive spa, swimming pools, badminton and basketball courts, function rooms, and a playground for children.


The following units are still available (some include a balcony in the living room or bedroom):

1BR unit: 67-73 sqm P6M – P8.2M
2BR unit: 102-143 sqm P11M – P15M
3BR unit: 146-252 sqm P15.6M – P20M