Circulo Verde Model Units

Yesterday, I went to check out the model units at Circulo Verde, a 12-hectare master-planned development by Ortigas designed to bring the essence and charm of a small town into the spirit of the big city.

The concept behind Circulo Verde is that residents will always be within walking distance from an open space, whether it be a park or river access.

And despite being surrounded by the beauty of nature, residents will also find modern conveniences within the neighborhood.

I’m actually not concerned about how pretty the development will look like or the amenities offered; all I want is a well-lit place of my own that’s safe and easy to access through public transport. The problem with Circulo Verde is that it’s a bit far from the nearest MRT station (Santolan) and to get to C5, you’ll have to take a tricycle. What I do love about Circulo Verde is that each room is spacious, well-designed, and come with easy payment terms. I took a look at the one-bedroom flat and one-bedroom loft units yesterday and I’m very impressed with what they’ve got.

The one bedroom loft unit showcased at Circulo Verde is the upgraded one, but even with a simple staircase, I love how the room is laid out.

I had my heart set on a loft unit because the high ceiling gives the illusion of more space. Plus I’ve always liked the idea of having a second floor bedroom.

Unfortunately, the loft unit is priced at 4 million – way over my budget of 3.5.

The one bedroom flat unit is actually quite lovely as well – there’s a balcony and enough living room space for just one person.

The bedroom is big enough.

But what I really like about the one bedroom flat is that it comes with a maid’s room. I’m not planning to have a maid live with me, but there are so many possibilities for this extra space! I’m torn between making it it my hobby nook or a library…if I decide to get the unit.

Still going to be spending the next couple of weeks condo-shopping. I want to make sure I’ve exhausted all my options before I commit tobuy anything!

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