Controlling Holiday Clutter


The buzz of activity during the holiday season can make organizing your home and keeping everything neat quite a challenge. Here are several tips you can follow to control clutter in your home so you don’t get too stressed-out over the fast-approaching holidays.

Don’t overdo the Christmas decorations. Matching your display according to your personality, budget, and time limitations will make it easier for you to enjoy the holidays. If you don’t have extra time to dust, don’t put a lot of indoor decorations that will require you to dust them perfectly. Keep everything minimal and only put out a few well thought-of decorations like wreaths and centerpieces.

Plan out your clutter. Focus on getting your shopping done first then spending an entire evening wrapping gifts instead of leaving out your gift wrapping supplies during the days before Christmas. That way, you only clutter up your house once then everything gets put away once the task of wrapping gifts is done. You can do the same for other activities like baking, making decorations with your kids, or writing cards for family members and friends.

Finally, control incoming clutter that appears during the holidays. During this time of the year, your kids will probably come home with holiday projects done in school. Whether you want to display it, send it to grandma, or archive it, make sure you have a plan in place so you can enjoy your children’s holiday efforts while knowing that it won’t add clutter to your busy home.

Putting these simple tips together to control the clutter in your home will make the holiday season something to enjoy instead of something to stress over. After all, spending time with the people you love is what’s important during the holidays.

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