Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays


Just because you have no lawn and no tree in your apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t capture the warmth and fuzziness of the holidays. Don’t let the limited amount of space limit your creativity. Here are a few decorating ideas you can use when you jazz up your apartment for the holidays.

Hang items like wreaths on your walls in order to save floor space. The idea is to avoid cluttering your apartment with holiday decorations. Think up of ways to creatively arrange other decors in a vertical capacity so your apartment doesn’t get too overwhelmed.

Put garlands on your door frame and decorate it with pine cones, ribbons in Christmas colors, and little decorative balls. You can also wrap Christmas lights around it too.

Centerpieces are a holiday staple; create or buy a centerpiece for your dining room table or the coffee table in your living room.

If you’d like to have a Christmas tree in your place, get one that’s only two or three feet tall and decorate it with miniature balls, lights, and small ornaments. Place it in a corner of your living room so you don’t stumble into it. A balcony also makes a great place for a Christmas tree, if you have one at your apartment.

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