Decorating Your Stairway for the Holidays


If your home has a second storey, you can use your stairway to create a dramatic holiday display.  All it needs is are a few garlands. swags, and lights, and you’ll have added some Christmas sparkle to your home.

You can buy artificial garlands from a store or make them yourself out of ivy, pine, and pine cones.  Secure the garlands to the staircase with thin wire and wrap Christmas lights around it before adding ornaments, ribbons, and other decorative items.  For more color to your decoration, create a ribbon garland by selecting three ribbons with different textures and finishes.  Attach them at various intervals to the railing then add a cluster of ornaments or a bow at each top point.

Place wreaths at intervals up the stairs and decorate these with ribbons that match your home’s color scheme.  For a more interesting look, get wreaths of different sizes.

If your stairway is wide enough for potted plants, place small pots of poinsettias and other greenery on the side of the stairs.  Tie matching bows around the pot for a more festive look.

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