Feng Shui: Home Tips for the Year of the Ox (2009)

Most people don’t know that in the Chinese calendar, 2009 or the year of the Ox doesn’t start until February 4 – this is the date when the animal sign changes from the rat to the ox. Regardless of what year it is, all of us have to be aware of three locations in the house – the tai sui (north east), the wu wang (north), and the sam sart (east). These locations are usually occupied by harmful qi, and any disturbances in these areas brings bad luck to those who live in the house. Disturbances means any vibrations in the walls or floors caused by renovation processes like drilling or hammering.

During the year of the ox, the north east will have the strongest negative qi. Do not disturb this area with renovations and do not sit facing the northeast. All business negotiations should be done with you facing away from the northeast; this way, you are making the other party confront the negative energy of the tai sui, which will work to your advantage.

The north will be emanating a lot of strong energy this year. Avoid placing open flames like candles or anything red in color because this will strengthen the energy in this area. To negate the energy, place a traditional 5-element pagoda in this area. Be extra cautious in July 2009 if the main door of your house or your bedroom is located in the North.

As for the East, it can bring injury or sickness when disturbed. Unlike the Northeast, however, you should confront it directly; do not sit with the east behind you.

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