Good Feng Shui at The Columns Legazpi Village



According to feng shui master Joseph Chau, residents at Community Innovation’s The Columns Legaspi Village will be blessed with good luck and prosperity. This residential condominium doesn’t only consider competitive price range, sound architecture, and carefully-crafted interiors. They added another criterion to their residential developer’s checklist: feng shui.

Feng shui is a lot more than just moving furniture around or painting the walls with a strange color. It’s a science that makes sure your living space is constructed so that positive energy or ch’i flows freely. A home with a lot of ch’i brings happiness and prosperity to all who live there. Although the architecture of The Columns is designed for good feng shui, Joseph Chau smoothened the flow of ch’i by suggesting that the developers build water features and include jade tortoises and antique Chinese coins to counter-balance any negative forces.

While The Columns Legazpi Village intrinsically has good ch’i, there is always room to enhance the Feng Shui properties of a residential development. For this reason, Master Chau examined the design lay-out and interior spaces of The Columns Legazpi Village. He has personally recommended several Feng Shui lucky charms including jade tortoises, antique Chinese coins and ancient rulers to be hidden within the development to counter all negative forces. Meanwhile, in order to smoothen the flow of prosperity and wealth, Master Chau advised building water features strategically placed within the development.

The Feng Shui expert did not forget to touch upon the cornerstones of Feng Shui: practicality and simplicity. “People have this notion that Feng Shui is all complex and mystical. When in fact, its very essence is all about staying true to the basics.” With this in mind, Master Joseph Chau dispensed practical advice such as having round-edged stairs to avoid unnecessary accidents and having large windows to allow sunlight to stream inside the units. All of these were done in compliance of what Master Chau termed as: “the road to possibility and positivity.”

With the expertise of geomaster Joseph Chau, residents are assured of a blissful residential abode where they can be completely at peace. For inquiries on how to own a harmonized living space in The Columns Legazpi Village, visit The Columns website, email at [email protected], or call 848-5100 (Metro Manila and 1-800-10-848 5100 (outside Metro Manila). Model units are available for viewing daily at the third floor of Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, from 10 am to 9 pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 10 am – 10 pm (Friday and Saturday).


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