How to Buy a Flood-Proof House

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Did you know that the rainy season is the best time to look for properties in the city or the province? Unpredictable weather reveals a lot of things that you wouldn’t have found out in the dry season, such as damaging floods and landslides. Avoid being a casualty of another typhoon like Ondoy by following these tips on buying a flood-proof house.

Ask for the disclosure statement

A disclosure statement contains all the relevant details about the property – the description of the land, the type of soil, geological and development history (e.g. is it reclaimed land?), etc. Disclosure agreements are a mandatory practice in United States real estate but in the Philippines, you’ll only receive a disclosure statement if you ask for it. Before signing your lease or contract, make sure the seller reads the disclosure statement to you.

Visit the property

If you have time, try visiting the area during a rainy day. This will give you a lot of information about its traffic behavior during inclement weather or any siltation problems on the road. If a road gets muddy during the rain, it’s a telltale sign that the soil where the road is situated is loose. Chances are, the soil underneath the property you’ve been eying may rest on loose soil too.

Talk to residents

Talk to your neighbors or residents and ask them if the area gets flooded during the rainy season. You can also try looking out for these two tell-tale signs of chronic flooding: unusual elevation of homes, or the presence of sandbags.

Inspect the interiors

Look at the ceiling and fixtures of the house. Things to watch out for are watermarks on the ceiling, a telltale sign of a defective roof system. Warped cabinets are also a sign that the walls behind it have a water leak. Other things to look out for are porous walls that are continuously exposed to rain water. If they are not maintained properly, they can manifest moisture and leaks.

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  1. Rico Bautista


    Good afternoon. I take it that you are familiar with Treveia. What do you think is the potential of flooding in the area? There are lots in P2 and P1 that are located close to the fence and fall outs, are these in danger of being catxh basins for the relative phases and neighboring Avida settings?


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