Last Minute Christmas Decorating Tips


Christmas is less than a week away and with so many things to do on top of work – shopping, partying, wrapping presents – it’s hard to get everything done in time for Christmas dinner. Don’t worry if you haven’t done your Christmas decorating yet. You’d be surprised at how festive you can make your home look using Christmas decorations you already have – if you know where to put them.

Use Christmas greeting cards as decorations. You probably have a collection of cards from friends and family throughout the years. Why not put them to good use and place the prettiest on your fireplace mantle or on the side table of your living room? Another idea is to make use of Christmas-themed photos you receive from loved ones. You could remove the pictures from your frame and replace them with holiday pictures of family and friends.

For an easy dining table arrangement, use your everyday dishes and a white tablecloth. Decorate the table by placing an ornament on top of every dish in different colors. Finish off with a centerpiece or with a clear glass bowl filled with ball ornaments.

Lastly, you can also use your Christmas presents as decorations on their own. Tie huge colorful ribbons on them and place them at strategic places like the front door. You can also place a huge stack of presents on empty corners to make the neglected nooks and crannies of your home look more festive.

You don’t need to buy a whole new set of decorations to make your house look festive for the holidays. Simply making use of what you already have will allow you to welcome your guests and family in style.

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