Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decorations


Sometimes we wait until the last humanly-possible second until we figure out what type of decorations we want for a certain holiday. Well, by dinnertime tomorrow everyone in the home will be stuffing themselves with turkey and other Thanksgiving goodies (as if you needed any reminding). What do you do now that you’ve realized you’ve wasted all this time and your home isn’t decorated at all for Thanksgiving?

First things first–don’t panic. Follow some of these suggestions and your friends and guests won’t even know that you waited til the last minute to put these decorations up!

Get some fabric in fall colors (reds, browns, dark oranges, golds) and cut them according to the size of your throw pillows. Attach them to your throw pillows using safety pins (make sure the fabric is pinned at the back of the pillows). A huge color-coordinated ribbon tied around the throw pillows will add an instant facelift to your living room.

Get some of your glass balls for the Christmas tree and arrange them in a decorative bowl or basket together with pine cones, dried leaves, and berries. If you have Christmas balls that come in fall colors, that will do the trick too.

If you have any left over ribbons from the pillows, use them as napkin-holders or tie them around table utensils for a festive look. You can also purchase ribbon in a different but complementing shade to add variety to your decor.

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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