Miss Real Estate Philippines

Beauty pagaents are usually frivolous affairs, but not Miss Real Estate Philippines. Held at the Philippine Real Estate Festival on July 25 at the SMX Mall of Asia, Miss Real Estate Philippines is a competition that aims to find ambassadresses for the country’s real estate industry.

Out of 200 candidates, who were all educated about the real estate industry and why it is vital in the Philippine economy today, only 24 made it to the pre-pagaent screening. The name of the winner has not been released yet but whoever she is, she’s going to do more than just wear a crown, look pretty, and enjoy the valuable prizes that include a house and lot. She will also represent the Philippines in the first ever Miss Real Estate Asia and handle the responsibility of heading the outreach projects that will provide homes to the underprivileged. I don’t think there’s ever been a beauty pagaent in the Philippines that is as socially involved as this one.


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