New Homes vs Old Homes


There’s a long list of pros and cons when deciding between buying a new home or buying an old one. People commonly think that the workmanship in the past is superior than construction that is done today, but good or bad craftsmanship can happen at any point in time and there are still builders today with skill and integrity.

The advantage to buying a new home is that they are usually up-to-date with current structural standards and have contemporary conveniences. Often, new homes are built in developing areas, which means that the real estate value of the property appreciates significantly. If you’re thinking in terms of investment and reselling, buying a new home might be a good idea.

Buying an old home also has its own advantages. It’s got stability, character, and that old-fashioned charm from its design features, but many old homes also have obsolete designs, deterioration, and general wear and tear. While some old homes in the market have been renovated to offshoot these disadvantages, not all of the changes are done by qualified persons. Lack of energy efficiency is another disadvantage most old homes have, and upgrading it costs quite a bit of money. When choosing between an old home, it’s always a good idea to bring your own house inspector so you’ll be aware of any structural defects that the seller might have missed out on.

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