Nuvali, Ayala Land’s New Development in the South

Metropolitan Evolution:
NUVALI as Ayala Land’s Urban Cornerstone in the South

The country is in the midst of a lifestyle revolution—thanks to more and more urbanites realizing what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Leading this trend is Ayala Land who plans to introduce an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable lifestyle through their new development called NUVALI. This is an unprecedented first in the history of the company, which marks the simultaneous launch of three thoughtfully-designed and energy efficient residential enclaves.
“For NUVALI, we will in fact, have three residential communities from Ayala Land Premier, Community Innovations and Avida, all launching at about the same time,” shares Ayala Land President Jim Ayala.

With sustainability at the core of NUVALI’s development, Ayala Land redefines the idea of the residential lifestyle as it introduces the ultimate addresses for balanced urban living in the country:

Abrio, the first Ayala Land Premier property within NUVALI, will usher in a new level of privacy, security, and sustainability that will set the standard for the company’s next-generation exclusive neighborhoods.

Vibrant urban living without compromise is brought in by Community Innovations’ Treveia. A distinct blueprint combines comprehensive and innovative amenities, venues for community convergence and architecturally modern homes anchored on NUVALI’s sustainable vision. Offering a healthful, family-nurturing and eco-friendly urban life within a progressive development like NUVALI defines Treveia as a sprawling, green community where future residents can balance urban conveniences with personal relationships and health.

Finally, Avida Settings provides a creatively designed eco-friendly community intended to promote close family relationships and underscores a uniquely masterplanned blueprint. In line with NUVALI’s vision of sustainability, Avida Settings incorporates the green ribbon concept which is an exclusive feature of the development that brings nature literally to the doorsteps of its residents.

To complement the residential district, a lifestyle-oriented retail area grounded on the eco-sensitive features of the entire development will also be built alongside an office community which is set to grow very quickly.

“From the onset, we intend to offer a full development with all the various uses and amenities that make it complete from the very beginning,” Jim Ayala says. “NUVALI offers a lifestyle where it’s focused on life and nature as well as technology and productivity leading to what we hope becomes a new way of life.”

Nuvali Abrio will start selling their premium properties on September 28 while Treveia and Avida Settings will launch mid-October. If you’re interested to reserve a property in Nuvali, please contact me using my contact form.


If you’re interested to invest in Nuvali, visit my Nuvali Evoliving blog for more information or use the contact form below.

Source: Press Release from Geiser Maclang

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