Offbeat Christmas Tree Ideas



If you want something a Christmas tree that’s different from the traditional one and resembles something more like a piece of art, you’ll see that there’s a fine line between just another Christmas tree and an original sculpture. Try out these decorating ideas for an offbeat, do-it-yourself Christmas tree.


To create a pine cone tree, all you need are pine cones of the same size. Arrange them in a conical shape and glue them together until it resembles a Christmas tree, then glue on holly berries and ribbons as Christmas decorations. If you think the pine cone tree looks too natural for you, you can spray the pine cones with metallic silver or gold paint before gluing them together.


The idea behind the candy cane tree is to form a teepee frame made out of long candy canes. Create a frame with a conical armature, then get smaller candy canes and put them around the tree frame such that the hooks are upside-down and stick out like branches.


A bead tree is perhaps the simplest tree you can make. Essentially, this is a cone of paper wrapped with long strands of beads which are glued to it. The fun part about making this tree is that you can let your imagination run wild and use any materials you like, such as glass beads, pearls, and novelty beads. Add ribbons or fine-foil brain around the beads for that special holiday flair.

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