The Red Oak at Two Serendra: A Total Wellness Zone

Stress is one of the characteristics of urban living today, and is known to be a major contributor of heart disease, cancer, lung problems, or cirrhosis of the liver. Alveo Land believes in providing hardworking people with a lifestyle they deserve, and with these facts in mind, they designed the second high-rise section of Two Serendra with unique amenities that make it more than just a home.

The Red Oak at Two Serendra was just recently launched and is the second high-rise condominium building in the Two Serendra compound (the first being The Aston). Located right in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, The Red Oak is designed to help upwardly mobile urbanites to recover from stress and rejuvinate their spirits. The innovative amenities of The Red Oak is conducive to pursuing activities that promote a holistic wellness experience for the body, mind, and soul.

Fit and trim bodies can maintain their healthy, active lifestyle using The Red Oak gym, which contains no other than the newest and latest exercise equipment called Kinesis. The gym is designed so that residents can work out in a soft, non-intimidating space that allows for a lot of movement. Besides this, there is also a massage pavilion and a leisure pool you can turn to after an hour of sweating it out at the gym.

Those who are constantly hungry for knowledge can feed their minds at the Earth Lounge and Sky Lounge, created especially to provide an environment conducive to reading. There is also a music room and theater room with a baby grand piano where residents can perform or listen to other people play.

Other amenities like tranquil gardens, ponds, and a prayer room are ideal for the renewal of the soul. Those who are looking for spiritual wellness can also use the yoga studio to reconnect with themselves.

The Red Oak is more than just a place you can call home – it’s an entire wellness sanctuary so you can live your life to its fullest potential. For more information, visit, email at [email protected], or call (632) 8485100 (Metro Manila only) and 1-800-10-8485100 (outside Metro Manila).

Philippine Real Estate Show in Dubai

This September, overseas Filipino workers and UAE residents who want to invest in the growing real estate market in the Philippines will have the opportunity to attend free investment seminars in Dubai. They will also have the chance to make business transactions directly with representatives from top real estate developers at the First Philippine Property Show in the Middle East on September 26 and 27 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Now is the best time to buy a house and lot or a residential condominium in the Philippines while the prices are lower compared to other Asian countries. Unlike other markets in Asia, which are driven by speculators, the growth in the Philippine real estate industry is due to a real demand from residential and commercial end-users. This stable investment environment is attractive to long-term investors from abroad, and Filipinos are committed investors who do not easily retract their investment in case of global crisis.

Some of the exhibitors in the real estate show include top developers like SM Development and Hamilo Coast of SM Group; Megaworld of Alliance Global; Alveo, Avida, and Ayala Premier of Ayala Land; and Aboitizland of Aboitiz Group, Cebu.

Besides Filipinos, foreigners are allowed by the law to buy and own residential condominium units covered by a Condominium Certificate of Title registered with Registry of deeds from the local government unit.


Real Estate Trend: Midrange and Low-Cost Housing

Overseas Filipino workers are the biggest market for real estate, and it looks like their tastes are changing. According to the Officials of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations, buyers are now going for either midrange properties or socialized (cheaper than low-cost) housing.

Low-cost properties used to be the bestsellers in the OFW market but now, they don’t even look at properties worth 2 million. Instead, OFWs prefer midrange residences, house-and-lot packages (usually townhouses) or condominium units that cost between Php 3 million and Php 7 million. This might seem a little surprising, considering the global financial crisis but on second thought, buying midrange housing is more practical in the long run. They are constructed better than low-cost housing, have more convenient locations, and have a higher resale or rental value. The OFW community is also no longer made up of manual workers – professionals like nurses, IT consultants, and doctors have joined the diaspora.

Despite the OFWs’ changing tastes, low-cost housing is still a major driving force of the Philippine real estate industry. Socialized housing offers house and lot packages worth Php 300,000 each and are located in industrial estates and economic zones. The buyers of socialized housing are usually employees and their families. To make the houses more affordable, value-added tax exemptions are included in the payment packages and no down payment is required.

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The Aston at Two Serendra

The newest phase in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio is The Aston, where city living meets natural beauty in perfect harmony. A high-rise condo located in a suburban-style neighborhood, The Aston is 2.3 hectares wide but most of the area is devoted to open space that will be designed according to the landscape of Serendra. At the center of the open area will be an expansive swimming pool, lots of water elements, and themed amenities like river boats, hanging bridges, forest walkway, and tree houses. Recreational areas such as a day care center, jogging trail, video game room, and mini theater serve as a space for the residents to come together and spend time as a community.

The building itself is 35 storeys tall and has studio (42 to 54 sqm at Php 3.2 – Php 4.6 M), one bedroom (55 to 69 sqm at Php 4.2 to Php 5.5 M), two bedroom (82 to 135 sqm at Php 7.5 to Php 9.1 M), three bedroom (105 to 152 SQM at Php 9.4 to Php 10.9 M), and a special three bedroom unit with two levels (160 to 161 Sqm at Php 14.2 to Php 14.3 M)

For more information, visit the Alveo Land website.

Private Mortgages as Financing Alternative

Since banks usually have more strict requirements when it comes to loans, you can take out a mortgage from a private lender instead of traditional sources. Mortgages from private lenders are usually short-term asset-based loans, and the decision to lend is based on the value of your property as collateral, and not on your credit history. Private mortgages are also used by those who need immediate financing but who do not have the documents required by banks and other lending institutions.

Private mortgages are easier to get because the lender usually bases his or her decision to lend based on the asset used for collateral, which is the property. If the value of your property is high enough and you generate income that will pay off the interest of the loan, your personal financial situation will not affect the lender’s decision.

For non-income producing properties like homes, a private loan will get you at most a 55% loan of the appraised value of the property. Besides the value of the property, private lenders usually look at how the borrower intends to repay the loan before approving it. Since private mortgages usually last from six months up to three years, lenders have to consider if an exit strategy (how the borrower intends to pay the loan) is viable.

Homes in the City

With the rising prices of gas, it makes more sense for people to cut down on their fuel consumption – and part of the strategy to save on gas is deciding where to live. In an age where a liter of gas costs more than 60 pesos, it makes more sense to live in Metro Manila, possibly in a location that’s close to the business districts of Makati and Ortigas. Most homebuyers today don’t want to trouble themselves with an hour’s worth of commuting time and cite cutting down on fuel cost as their main reason for looking for a place in the city. Even couples who are retired would rather move out of bigger houses and into a condo in the city. Since their children are all grown up and have families of their own, they no longer need a large house that takes time and money to maintain.

Makati-based workers might want to consider getting a unit at One Pacific Place in Salcedo Village. Not only are you near work and hip commercial centers like the Ayala Malls; the condominium also has excellent amenities that include a gym, day care center, and a lounge with free WiFi access. Those who work in Ortigas and Quezon City will be pleased to know that Ortigas & Co is building a large residential complex across Tiendesitas.

So long as high fuel prices continue to persist, developers will have their hands full trying to provide homes for everyone who wants to live closer to work or who simply want to spend their days in a peaceful and safe residential area.