Storing Your Christmas Decorations


Christmas has come and gone and in a few days, you’ll have to start taking down your lovely decorations and keep them until December rolls around again. Here are some tips on how you can effectively store your Christmas decorations.

Using the boxes that contained your Christmas presents and soft wrapping material like tissue paper, place all breakable ornaments inside. Separate your ornaments according to size and fragility and keep them in different boxes. The most fragile ornaments should be wrapped individually and placed in a smaller box before putting all of them in a bigger box with the other ornaments.

Keep your Christmas linens (table cloths, towels, rugs, etc.) in a suitcase to protect them from moisture damage. An unused shelf works best too. To keep moths away and to keep them smelling nice all year round, place scented dryer sheets between the linens.

Storing your artificial Christmas tree in the box where you got it from might sound like a good idea. However, cardboard deteriorates over time and are prone to insect infestation. Keep your Christmas tree in Christmas tree bags, which you can find at hardware stores in malls.

Organize your Christmas lights and make sure they’re tangle-free before you keep them in a box. Before putting them away, make sure you’ve disposed of the ones that aren’t working anymore. This will also save you storage space.

Finally, label everything carefully and make an inventory of the contents outside each box. Number all of your boxes according to how they should be unpacked; this will also help you keep track of how many boxes of decorations you have. For even easier identification, wrap the boxes in Christmas-themed gift wrapping paper.

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