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Investing 101 – How The Economic Machine Works, by Ray Dalio

I’ve been thinking about the types of gifts I would send prospective investors — especially when they are considering investments in the Philippines through Ayala Land real estate. Not everyone is an Economics wizard. Thus, the gift of knowledge or education is appropriate.

This is a welcome refresher course for anyone who is interested in economic empowerment. After all, money is energy. Money is a “thought form” that drives people to war or peace (hopefully, peace!).

“Spending drives the economy,” Ray explains. It’s that simple.

(Thank you to Jay Jaboneta for sharing this video on Facebook.)

Amaia Scapes by Ayala Land: Where Your Dream House is Truly Affordable

PREAMBLE: If you are interested in knowing more about Amaia Land properties, please email me at lornadietzpr at gmail dot com.

Here I was, engaged in the marketing activities of the first-ever roadshow of Amaia Land by Ayala Land, Inc. in the United States. For two weeks in August 2013, I was either present at an event or working behind the scenes, helping out with the preparations and implementation of this marketing effort at AyalaLand International Marketing, Inc. (ALIM), the permanent office of Ayala Land, Inc. based at Seasons Marketplace at Landess in Milpitas, California.

Loren Sales, Sales General Manager of Amaia Land, together with Loreene S. Natividad, Associate Manager of Sales Operations more than capably handled the inquiries from interested investors and home buyers of prime international real estate in the Philippines. The questions came in fast and furious. What resonated best with the events’ attendees was Loren’s and Loreene’s mantra, “May dating!” (Loosely translated to “Truly authentic, innovative, and unique!”)

What perked my attention was the immense value for the price. I understood why Amaia Land is the most affordable real estate investment opportunity compared to her sisters, Ayala Land Premier, Alveo Land, and Avida Land. Its business model allowed the buyer to start with the minimun — then continue customizing his or her dream home (comfortably!) maybe to the tune of about US$2,000 in today’s pricing.

When I saw a photo of the interior of a “ready to move in” Amaia Scapes bungalow pod, I visualized the person who would be living there as someone who enjoyed the minimalist lifestyle, complete with multi-functional furniture. I could see a charming, intimate garden that was thoughtfully planted with some choice herbs (for my cooking) and delicate, fragrant blossoms that a gardener would be able to maintain when the occupant was traveling for work or pleasure. I had my hopes set on an expansion to a second floor when I had saved enough money.

What attracted me to Amaia Scapes, the house and lot offerings of Amaia Land, was that home didn’t mean “living inside a box.” The spaciousness of community living continued with outdoor space to enjoy the warmth of the sun or the gentle breeze in the late afternoon. I also liked the built-in presence of a gated community with 24/7 security.

Best of all, although I could visualize this piece of “home” as affordable rental property for one of Manila’s call center professionals, I could picture myself living here. When that day comes, I know I wouldn’t want to trek up and down some stairs (I’ll be older, that’s why.)

When the question was asked, “How large is it?” — I decided to showcase the size of a BUNGALOW POD because, with much will power, I can afford to pay under $200 a month (amortization) for 15 years.

Amaia Land - A Bungalow Pod at North Point (Illustration)

Amaia Land – A Bungalow Pod at North Point (Illustration)

“It’s SMALL!” someone remarked, obviously used to the HUGE homes in the USA.

I said to myself, “SMALL is good! Not much to clean. Saves on energy, too! I can make this work!”

I started my research by asking Bong Gutierrez, ALIM’s Country Manager, if he could showcase some interior designs for the bungalow pod that evoked more of a sleek, slightly industrial “feel” — instead of the tired-looking Provincial French furniture many Filipino homeowners seemed to prefer. Bong, who is a CAD specialist (computer-aided design), replied, “Absolutely!”

Bong, during our training session in Las Vegas, decided to wow us with the new dynamics of “small space living.” We were completely captivated!

He also reminded us that “If you will not be living there 24/7/365, then use enough space for your needs. You can always allocate the rest of your money for your retirement needs.” What this meant to me was that “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL!”

This week, I was so energized by my Amaia Land roadshow experience that I decided to create my own content curation to help out investors. Yes, I am getting more and more inspired! Check out my curation after this blog posting!

If you’re like me — and you want to explore the world of Philippine real estate investment opportunities through Ayala Land, Inc. — then hit me up for more information. You can email me at LornaDietzPR at gmail dot com. Yes, I’ll make sure someone takes very good care of you!

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Five Reasons to Invest in Santierra Nuvali

santierra nuvali

Nuvali, Ayala Land’s latest development in the south, will soon be selling lots in the phase Santierra. With tree-lined roads and master-planned layouts, residents of Santierra will experience an orchestrated interplay between natural and suburban living. Aside from the pride of ownership that comes from owning a beautiful home from a premiere Ayala development, there are five other reasons why you should invest in Santierra Nuvali.

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Ametta Place by Alveo Land: Where Boutique Meets Real Estate

at the Press Launch: Nerissa Josef, Vice President for Project Development of Alveo Land and Antonio N. Aquino, Ayala Land President and Dan Abando, President of Alveo Land

Alveo Land launched today the first and only townhouse development in Pasig City, a breather from the high-rise and mid-rise condominium projects that mostly surround the city where I live. With the launch of boutique residential living in the country, Alveo Land through Ametta Place introduces its maiden townhouse development.

The boutique concept is a buzzword that used to belong exclusively to the hospitality and fashion industry. Synonymous for personalized service, taste, and style, the boutique concept is now being applied to real estate, with Alveo Land’s Ametta Place pioneering boutique residential living in the Philippines. Located in Pasig, Ametta Place transcends the monotonous real estate offerings given by traditional real estate, and completely redefines upscale living in the city.

Ametta Place is going to be the first and only upscale townhouse development in an area of high-rise and mid-rise condominiums. Each unit features warm contemporary architecture and a streamlined generous layout to make the most out of the space you have and to enhance day-to-day living. Its location also means that suburban serenity is fused together with the convenience of living right in the middle of the city. Most families wouldn’t like living so close to an urban area but the privacy of the residents is one of the main priorities of Ametta Place.
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Community Innovations Launches New Name to Alveo

Community Innovations, an Ayala Land company, is one of the fastest growing real estate developers in the country. Since its inception in 2002, Community Innovations earned Php 15 billion in sales revenue. The company received its highest earnings in 2007 at Php 4.6 billion with the launch of their new projects like The Aston at Two Serendra in Bonifacio Global City; Marquee Place in Angeles City, the first Ayala Land development in the North; and Treveia at Nuvali in Canlubang. Among their current projects are Senta, a new condominium development in Legazpi Village that generated Php 1 billion in sales during the first five weeks, and Red Oak, the second high-rise building in Two Serendra that earned Php 455 million during the first day of selling.

Two Serendra at Bonifacio Global City

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