Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips


Celebrate Thanksgiving in style by incorporating the beauty of fall into your Thanksgiving dinner. The trick to creating a gorgeous table setting is to make use of fall foliage, autumn colors, and fruits of the season. Using warm colors reflects the hospitality of the holiday season and will definitely make your guests feel comfortable and right at home.

For an autumn-themed centerpiece, use a traditional cornucopia or create a floral arrangement with fiery red and deep gold flowers. Instead of a vase you can use a hollowed-out pumpkin to hold your floral centerpiece. Keep your centerpiece at a height that will allow everyone in the dinner table an unobstructed view of everyone else. If your dinner table is small, keep your centerpiece small. Remember — you’ll need to have room for other dishes and condiments! For a finishing touch, scatter nuts, sprigs of wheat, berries, and dry leaves around the centerpiece and in strategic parts of the dinner table, but make sure that all foliage are clean before putting them on the table.

Set the table with a table cloth, runner, place mates, and napkins in autumn-themed prints and color-coordinated solids. Don’t use too much printed fabric so your table doesn’t look too “busy” and to draw attention to your centerpiece. Place accents onto your napkins by putting on napkin rings that reflect the season, such as wooden ones with hand-painted leaves. As for the dishes, use your fine china or dishes that match the colors of your whole table setting.

For a relaxed Thanksgiving day, make sure you plan your table setting and the evening’s menu ahead of time. Set the table a day before so that you can make some last-minute touches and additions.

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