Tips on Moving to a New House: Moving Day


All the boxes are packed and the big day has arrived. Moving day can be a pretty hectic 24 hours, but there are things you can do to make the move less stressful.

Supervise the movers as they load your furniture and your boxes into the van. Have a list of how many items of pieces of furniture and check each item as they are loaded. Before leaving, inspect every single room, including the bathroom, to make sure you didn’t leave anything important behind.

Move all valuables like jewelry, legal documents, and small antiques with you. Don’t leave them with the moving company.

If you labeled all your boxes correctly, unpacking should be a more organized job. Unpack items according to room, starting with the kitchen so you don’t have to scramble through boxes for your pots and pans before dinner. If you have kids, have them get their boxes and unpack their things themselves. This way, they can organize their bedrooms as they want and lessen your workload. Have your toolbox at hand so you can reassemble furniture or appliances.

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