Tips on Moving to a New House: Packing Up


Moving to a new house can be so daunting and overwhelming that most people don’t even know where to begin. Handling the chaos of a move seems too complicated but there are two things you can do to make the task at hand easier: break down the job of moving into smaller pieces, and don’t bring anything that you don’t need or want.

Grab a notepad and pen and make a list of the things you’re going to need for the task. Boxes are a must, of course, and you can get used ones from your local supermarket at a lower price. You don’t have to get huge boxes as these will be cumbersome to move around; manageable sizes will do. You will also need packing tape to seal the flaps of the boxes. For dishes and other breakable materials, you’ll need to wrap them in newspaper before packing them in.

Finally, label all the boxes using different colored pens so you don’t get confused about which boxes go to which rooms. Use one color per room and decide ahead of time which color-coding scheme you want. Alternately, you can also number the boxes and list down in your notepad which items belong in which box. This will it easier to find the things that you need without rummaging through all the boxes and creating chaos.

Take your time with packing so you can do a more efficient job without getting all stressed out. Never wait til the last minute, or you won’t have enough time to catalog all your items and label each box properly.

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