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Ethan Allen:Best Furniture Designs for Small Spaces

If your new home in Serendra or Celadon Manila looks a little bare and you’re not entirely sure how put together a well-designed home while maximizing the space you have, look into Ethan Allen’s Lifestyle Designs. They just released seven distinct decorating styles called Projections of Distinct Styles (PODS )which caters to all sorts of tastes, be it classic or contemporary. Two of these PODS, however, are most ideal for condominiums owners who want to live in a classy, cosmopolitan atmosphere while making the most out of what limited space there is.


The Metro Pod is perfect for people with a preference for simplicity and natural elements. Finished woods, exposed brick, timbers, and metals give the place a warm, earthy feel and allow you to live a modern minimalist lifestyle. With this clutter-free design, you don’t have to worry about bumping into furniture when you invite your friends over.

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