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The Aston at Two Serendra

The newest phase in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio is The Aston, where city living meets natural beauty in perfect harmony. A high-rise condo located in a suburban-style neighborhood, The Aston is 2.3 hectares wide but most of the area is devoted to open space that will be designed according to the landscape of Serendra. At the center of the open area will be an expansive swimming pool, lots of water elements, and themed amenities like river boats, hanging bridges, forest walkway, and tree houses. Recreational areas such as a day care center, jogging trail, video game room, and mini theater serve as a space for the residents to come together and spend time as a community.

The building itself is 35 storeys tall and has studio (42 to 54 sqm at Php 3.2 – Php 4.6 M), one bedroom (55 to 69 sqm at Php 4.2 to Php 5.5 M), two bedroom (82 to 135 sqm at Php 7.5 to Php 9.1 M), three bedroom (105 to 152 SQM at Php 9.4 to Php 10.9 M), and a special three bedroom unit with two levels (160 to 161 Sqm at Php 14.2 to Php 14.3 M)

For more information, visit the Alveo Land website.

Condotels in the Philippines

Condo-hotels or condotels are high-rise buildings that are developed and operate as a luxury hotel, but they also have condominium units that serve as fully-functional vacation homes. Condotel units are a great investment. As a unit owner, you can can live in the unit for about thirty days per year; during this time, you have access to world-class amenities like room service, a gym, and a spa. For the rest of the year, you can choose to rent out the unit together with the hotel and receive a percentage from it. Alternately, you can also live in the unit permanently and enjoy five-star hotel living day in, day out.

Condotels operate just like serviced apartments and are great for investors who want to test the waters in hotel investment in the Philippines. Buyers own their condotel units just as though they were regular condos – there is no time limit to ownership, and all units come with freehold title deeds.

The best cities to invest in a condotel are Metro Manila and Cebu. The hotel-condo investment trend in the Philippines is already accelerating in these major metropolitan hubs. Given the country’s expertise in the service and hotel management industries, there’s no doubt that condotels are a profitable operation that ensures maximum return on investment.


Build to Own Your Home

Build To Own is a new concept that will make buying or investing in properties easier for hopeful homeowners. Through this system, the prospective buyer engages the services of construction professionals who will build the house at direct cost. This means that the non-project related costs usually added by developers and middlemen are not included.

The idea of Build To Own came from local firm G&W Architects, Engineers, and Product Development Consultants, a firm that considers itself an architect-led instead of developer-led company. The buyer can save as much as 40% by hiring construction professionals directly – the exact same people developers hire to build and design their projects. Besides savings, the buyer also receives homeowner protection from the Build To Own System. Instead of making payments directly to the developer, unit owners make payments to a depository and disbursement bank, which ensures that the money will only be used for the project. Besides saving on costs, end-users and investors of Build To Own projects will receive a high quality condominium development, adding up to better property values for your investment.

At the moment, G&W is investing in its new building, the Blue Sapphire, a 27-floor residential condominium development at Fort Bonifacio. For more information on the BTO system, visit the G&W website.

Two Serendra’s Resort-Style Lobby


Two Serendra’s sprawling lobby is designed to have a seamless fit with furniture designer Kevin Cobonque’s rattan creations. A combination of modern sensibilities and traditional Filipino aesthetics, the lobby reminds one of a hotel resort. In fact, you can almost expect to see clear blue waters and even bluer skies when you step out to the verandah. That’s the effect Two Serendra’s interiors would like to give you – the feeling of going home to a tropical paradise despite being located in the heart of the trendiest commercial center in the city.

Environmentally Friendly Housing Design


Can you imagine a house designed to keep your electricity bills to a minimum? Archion Architects are currently designing an energy-efficient house in Valle Verde that does not sacrifice the comfort and aesthetic pleasures of the homeowners. The house features natural room ventilation, solar-power generation, protection from the heat using vertical sunshades and wide horizontal overhangs for the balconies, which in turn shade the first floor from the heat of the sun. Besides these, other technologies are being considered, including geothermal cooling (where pipes are installed underground to allow the air to be cooled by the earth) and mylar-coated light tubes, which allow natural light to enter different parts of the structure.

A sustainable, environmentally-friendly housing design is only as effective as its homeowners will allow it to be. As designers, Archion Architects are committed to experiment with new designs suited for energy-efficient technologies while serving their clients’ needs and comforts at the same time.

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Refinancing Your Home Loan


Refinancing your home loan is the process by which you pay off an existing home loan by transferring the loan to another lending institution. It allows you to change the conditions of your home loan to suit your needs and gives you better opportunities. Refinancing lets you take advantage of lower interest rates and gives you more financial flexibility.

To refinance your loan, take out a new loan and use part or all of the funds to pay off the existing home loan. The new lender is usually from a different institution, but some people can refinance with the same bank or lender, depending on the terms. If you choose to move to a new lender, the new lender will take care of paying off the old loan.

People refinance their loans for many reasons. Usually it’s because they’d like to avail of cheaper interest rates, pay off debts faster, raise money for a big purchase, and shorten the term of the loan. Remember that refinancing is not always the solution for all cases. Make sure that you must review all your options before choosing to refinance your home loan.

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