Environmentally Friendly Housing Design


Can you imagine a house designed to keep your electricity bills to a minimum? Archion Architects are currently designing an energy-efficient house in Valle Verde that does not sacrifice the comfort and aesthetic pleasures of the homeowners. The house features natural room ventilation, solar-power generation, protection from the heat using vertical sunshades and wide horizontal overhangs for the balconies, which in turn shade the first floor from the heat of the sun. Besides these, other technologies are being considered, including geothermal cooling (where pipes are installed underground to allow the air to be cooled by the earth) and mylar-coated light tubes, which allow natural light to enter different parts of the structure.

A sustainable, environmentally-friendly housing design is only as effective as its homeowners will allow it to be. As designers, Archion Architects are committed to experiment with new designs suited for energy-efficient technologies while serving their clients’ needs and comforts at the same time.

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