Making Your Home Typhoon-Proof


Two typhoons, Mina and Lando, hit Luzon today and it looks as though the winds are still going to get stronger as the night progresses. It’s a little rare for a typhoon to arrive at this time of the year. In case you haven’t prepared your home for the strong rains and wind, here are a few tips for making your home typhoon-proof.

Check your roof for rust. If you find any, scrape it off with a steel brush then finish off with sandpaper to make the surface smooth. Also inspect your roof for loose nails. If there are any, hammer them down and seal them with plastic roof cement. Finally, apply an anti-rust primer before painting your roof with a roof-guard paint.


The most important thing to do is to fix the leaks on your roof. Leaking roofs can cause ugly stains on your walls and can even flood your basement and damage the foundation. To prevent this from happening, clean out your gutters at least once a year. Patch up a leak as soon as you spot one.

Clean your gutter and make sure that they are free from dead leaves or debris as these could clog up your drain. After cleaning, use a hose to flush out the gutter and watch out for any leaks. Look for rusty patches and cover up the small holes with a coat of roof guard paint. If the rust ate away large holes, replace the entire area with a new one. Seal off your gutter with an aluminum sealing strip.

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